Windows goes to Manufacturing

On November 9th, Microsoft sent their long awaited Windows Vista to manufactures to start producing cds. Consumers won’t be able to buy a copy until January sometime, but businesses should get a head start be able to buy it in a couple of weeks or so. However, on November 10th, Microsoft Windows Vista (RTM) was released onto the P2P network… Meaning if people want, they can get a copy of Vista today, and not have to pay anything for it. They won’t have to pay for it because, not only was Vista released, but soon after, an activation crack was released as well. This activation crack makes it possible to install Vista on your computer without paying Microsoft for Product Key.

The speed at which Vista was released on the P2P networks is astonishing to me. Someone must have taken one of the first few copies of the disc, kept it, and the uploaded it onto “the scene” in order for this happen to rapidly. While the speed at which this file has proliferated the internet is astonishing, what I find even more incredible is that there is crack available for it already. It took Microsoft five years to create Vista, and even before it begins to legally sold, people are able to download it, install it and fully activate it. Craziness I say.

As a final note, I haven’t downloaded Vista, I don’t know if it works or not, and I don’t have links to where to find it. This post is based on information that I saw in message boards around the internet. It is not from my own personal experience.

Thank you.

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