Textbooks on sale

I’m selling my Micro Economics and Statistics textbooks. The econ book has some green highlighting in it, but is completely readable. The Stats books is flawless, includes the CD and the Student Solution manual also! You can find more information at my Amazon Book Store

Site Moved

I’m moving my blog and main site to www.ankurmathur.com. All pages on the old site will automatically be moved to the new one.

2009 in Review

I know, I know… this post is far too long over due. I should have posted this back in January, but never got around to it… So, better late than never I guess. What can I say about 2009? First third was crappy, middle half was ok, and then the last third was fun. Why […]


I got me a Kindle I was thinking about getting an iPad, but then I realized that I would staring at an LCD screen for far too long. I stare at a computer screen all day, and then when I’m reading for fun, I didn’t want to be doing that also. So the Kindle with […]

It's a new year…

It’s a brand new year, 2009 is done and over; I can’t actually believe the year is done already, it feels like it just started. But anyway, this isn’t my year in review post; that will be later. This is a more important message: don’t forget to update all of your passwords! Most people recommend […]


Sweet… Just found and installed the iPhone app for wordpress. Now I can write a blog post directly from my iPhone when I’m not at my computer. And even better, saw a brand new trailer for Caprica. I’m hoping it’s going to be a good show. At least the music will live up to the […]


I thought I would update this once again after more than a month of not doing so… I know I’m terrible with keeping up with this, and every time I post I say I’ll get better and I don’t. This time, I’m not going to say I’ll post more, and maybe I’ll end up posting […]

New Show: Trauma

So, this new show started this week called Trauma. It is a show about paramedics in San Francisco. But it’s not really a medical drama, something that I’ve never been able to watch cause I can’t stand the sight of blood, this show is more of an action series; lots of chaos and action in […]

Chrome vs Firefox

I’ve been using Chrome since it was released, and I’ve loved the speed of it’s rendering engine. However, for the last few weeks, Chrome has been constantly crashing on my laptop. So, I’ve had to go back to using Firefox until I figure this out. Chrome starts crashing when I open up too many tabs […]

An Update

I know I haven’t posted in a long time, more than a month this time around… but work has been really, really crazy. Hopefully now the new semester has started, it won’t as bad. My plan is to get back into regularly updating this blog and posting more here. To that end, I’ve changed the […]